UChicago Resources

Diversity is at the core of the University of Chicago. Our commitment to exploring new ideas depends on engaging students, faculty, staff, and friends with many backgrounds and perspectives—both on and off campus. In our research, programming, and daily life, we support and celebrate our dynamic and diverse community. Below is a sampling of resources on campus.

Diversity and Inclusion – Diversity at UChicago has a rich history and future, from student resources to community inclusion, academics to research, and beyond. We invite you to learn more about the University-wide diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Urban Education Institute – UEI is dedicated to creating knowledge to produce reliably excellent schooling for children growing up in urban America, including research, training, tools, and four campuses of the University of Chicago Charter School.

Urban Health Initiative – UHI is UChicago Medicine’s long-term commitment—in partnership with civic leaders, community organizations, health care providers, and South Side residents—to strategically improve health and access to quality care on the South Side of Chicago through patient care, community-based research, and medical education.

Civic Engagement – The University has devoted the research and creative thinking of some of the nation’s top scholars, as well as millions of dollars in investment in recent years, to support local schools, jobs, health care, arts, civic infrastructure, and public safety.

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture – This interdisciplinary program promotes scholarship and debate around the topics of race and ethnicity and their impact on people’s daily lives.

Center for Identity + Inclusion – Home to the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA), LGBTQ Student Life, and Student Support Services, the Center for Identity + Inclusion's programs and resources focus on enriching students’ experiences and promoting an inclusive campus community.

University Community Service Center – This department fosters the development of civic-minded students by providing substantive community service opportunities through community partnerships based on mutual trust and respect.

Civic Knowledge Project – The Civic Knowledge Project is the community connections branch of the Division of the Humanities. Its mission is to develop and strengthen community connections, helping to overcome the social, economic, and racial divisions among the various knowledge communities on the South Side of Chicago. We encourage you to learn about the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Intiative, which is sponsored by CKP in collaboration with a number of campus and community partners.

The Legacy of Dr. King Seminar and Tour – An offering by the Civic Knowledge Project and the Alumni Association, "The Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." is a half-day seminar and tour led by Bronzeville civil rights activist and oral historian Timuel D. Black, who has lived on Chicago’s South Side for nine decades.